International Trace Analysis Congress

Dear Collegues;

We are proud to be organizing “International Trace Analysis Congress (iTAC)" in Sivas, Turkey. It is one of the important scientific activities for scientists who are paying attention to chemical analysis in anytime of their life.

The iTAC were organized as a kind of workshop or full congress by Pamukkale University in 2010, Karadeniz Technical University in 2012, Gazi Osman Paşa University in 2014, and Sakarya University in 2016, respectively. iTAC congresses were organized at national level until last one. But now, it will be called as “International Trace Analysis Congress” since this congress and will accept scientiests who study on trace analysis from abroad.

The iTAC has a potential to gather scientists from plenty of different area owing to multi-diciplineer nature. Everyone, who is study on spectroscopy, chromatography, electroanalytical, is guests of congress. Main topics of iTAC are focused on trace analysis in several diciplines such as chemistry, biology, environmental, food, medicine, drugs, geology, and agriculture.

The province of Sivas is located at the eastern part of the Central Anatolian Region and is located on the course of the historical Silk Road and the Kings Road. The province of Sivas provides interesting vacation possibilities for visitors with its natural beauties, historical background and thermal springs.

According to the written historical sources, the region of Sivas province was first inhabited during the period of the Hittite civilization by the beginning of BC 2000 and become an important settlement. The region then encountered the reign of Frigian, Lydian, Asurian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian, Danişment, ilhanlı, Eretna and Ottoman civilizations.

The foundations of the modern Turkish Republic was laid in the Sivas Congress assembled in 4 September 1919 at the presidency of Great Leader Atatürk and therefore the province of Sivas had become an important city for the History of the Turkish nation

How to Get
Bus Station: The bus station is located at the city center and the transportation is possible via minibuses and municipality buses. Telephone of the Bus Station: (+ 90 – 346) 226 15 90

Highway : The railway station is located at the city center and the transportation is possible via minibuses and municipality buses. Telephone of the Railway Station: (+ 90 – 346) 221 10 91

Air Transportation : The Sivas Airport is located at 20 km. distance to the city center and the transportation is possible via the service busses of the Flight company. Telephone of the Airport: (+ 90 – 346) 227 02 62

General Coordinator
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Halil İbrahim ULUSOY



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